The uniform of the Traditional karate practitioner is called Gi .

Judoka wears JŪDŌGI ( 柔道 衣 ). Karateka wears KARATE-GI ( 空手 衣 ).

Literally, kimono means ” something to wear ” and is written in Japanese 着 物 .
 KI – ” dress, wear (clothes) “,  MONO – ” thing, object “. Kimono is a specific outfit that wears in everyday life. For this reason, readers of this paper and traditional karate practitioners understand the difference between kimono and gi.

GI is divided into three parts:
上 着 UWAGI – top, called: blouse, tunic, jacket
下 履 SHITABAKI – the bottom, called: trousers
 OBI – belt.

Traditionally, the GI is perfectly white , with no drawings, labels, buttons or inscriptions.

The Gi must be treated with the same respect as the dojo, as well as your teacher or as yourself .

GI gives you the outer look of martial art. Gi must not be stained or broken. Gi will never be left in disarray (throwing negligently). When not used or washed, it will be kept folded and bound with the belt or put on the hanger.

The colors of the belt.

There is a standard “gradation” of the belt colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black. There are 4 levels of kyu in the white belt in descending order from 9 to 6 kyu. The yellow belt is already 5 kyu, the grades going down to 1 kyu on the brown belt. The black belt is shodan (1 Dan). There are also ten levels for the black belt (段位) . In the traditional karate school, the first 10th dan was awarded postmortem. Attention, when comparing the training levels of practitioners of different schools, the color of the belt may not be a valid criterion.

White and black were the only colors used in the first period of traditional karate. The concept that adds new colors to the belt was added with the training of US soldiers stationed in Japan. The original idea of a black belt derives from the fact that a practitioner starts by wearing a white belt . With time, as the practitioner trains, sweats and sometimes bleeds, the belt becomes more and more dirty. After a long time the belt will eventually become black.