10. Enbu

EN-BU is a test that is practiced exclusively in traditional karate in which two opponents (2 males or mixed) are confronted by a free preset scenario, designed to highlight the level of mastery acquired as well as the entire technical baggage. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing this test into competitions is the following: in kumite, certain blows that are dangerous and can cause, at some point very serious injuries, are forbidden by regulation. Since this leads, over time, to limiting baggage techniques, the solution found was the introduction of this en-bu sample. It is appreciated: the technical ability, the precision of the executions, the form, the intensity of the explosion in the techniques, the realism of the combinations, the spiritual aspect of the battle and the level of concentration. Will be penalized missed attacks and missed blocks, unrealistic execution, contact with the partner, unbalance, exit from the surface or shortening / overrun of the regular 1 minute +/- 5sec time, lack of decisive techniques, lack of etiquete. In the mixed Enbu, the offensive techniques belong only to the male.