Champions Dojo Traditional Karate-Do is affiliated with World Fudokan Federation

“The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants ”Gichin Funakosi


Understanding the practice. Traditional karate is a lifetime study and pursuit. In this particular form of karate, you practice techniques repeatedly in order to perfect them. Each technique is crisp, showing power and control over the body. The fundamental purpose of this fighting technique is to develop a well-balanced mind and body through regular training. You can find all this in our Martial Arts School Pickering (

Traditional karate vs. commercial karate. The key difference between traditional karate and other commercial karate begins with the performance of specific techniques and the mind behind that performance. And it isn’t only about training the mind for the purpose of karate. We need a healthy, peaceful mind in order to have the discipline to reach our goals – in our personal lives and our professional lives.

Why tournaments? As a sport, traditional karate uses tournaments as one of many training mediums. This is a way to enrich the general development of an individual through inner discipline, a compliance with the rules of etiquette and a higher emotional equilibrium. Combined together, these objectives create a framework of traditional karate sports rules. As is the case for other arts of self defense, the height and weight of the competitor is neither defined nor important. So when it comes to competition, there are no weight categories. According to the rules of self defense, competitors must be ready to repel the attack of every opponent, regardless of his weight and height. Remember, when it comes to real life, many times the individual who attacks has a larger build and more power than that of the victim. Come to our Martial Arts School Pickering .Thank you!

The Champions Dojo mission. We’re here to educate and train children, youths and adults. By teaching our students within a competitive and professional environment that tests their skills and fosters important life lessons, we prepare them for the future with self confidence and determination – whatever that future may hold. Through competition, our students learn commitment, hard work, team spirit and how to overcome their fears. It’s one thing to be a champion in sport, but it’s another to be a champion in life.  At Champions Dojo, we strive for both.


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