Juniors (5 and 6 years old)

Shaping the lives of young children

Karate classes aren’t designed to turn your child into a mini fighting machine. On the contrary, karate gives your child the ability to build self-confidence, respect and pride. From the very beginning, it’s critical that your child understands the educational component. The dojo is where your child receives the education necessary to build character, personality and individual values. As parents, your role is to help your child understand and apply this methodology.

Learning self defence

Our primary focus when we teach children karate is self defence and the capacity to avoid conflict. We believe children as young as ­­­­5 to 7 are too young to be asked to participate in dojo sparring because it’s possible they misinterpret the concept of “fighting”. Throughout the course of their training with us, we make sure they learn that competition is a technical and physical test – not an opportunity to harm another.

Building life skills

Traditional karate teaches children the fundamental life skills of respect, effort, discipline and focus. Your child will learn that he or she is stronger than what they perceive, both mentally and physically. They will gain strength, coordination and flexibility. Naturally, their confidence will increase and their motor skills will improve. It won’t be long before your child will see these results reflected in their enhanced school and social lives.

The program

Our Juniors program focuses on the:

  • Development of distributive attention and understanding
  • Ability to memorize
  • Development of a healthy muscular tonus and fighting the general state of apathy
  • Development and understanding of motor skills including speed and strength
  • Bone system strength and developing the muscular system
  • Creation of confidence and personal capabilities to solve difficult problems and to overcome them easily
  • Development of controlled breathing that helps to better manage emotions, to build self-mastery and to create the premise of an enviable balance
  • Valuation power and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions
  • Development of courage and power to overcome very difficult moments in life
  • Development of an inner balance based on self-knowledge, correct assessment and estimation, respect and acquisition



Monday:    6:30pm – 7:15pm

Friday:      6:30pm – 7:15pm

$129 + taxes / month 

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